Publications and Notes


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Throughout my time doing research I often struggled finding resources that connected recent advances in microeconomics, optimization, mathematics and computer science that were relevant to my field. As a result, to make sense of everything I was reading, I decided to come up with a set of notes for some of the most relevant topics. I hope they can be of help for anyone looking to get introduced to the field!

Topic Surveys

Introducion to Markets for Computer Scientists

Convex Analysis and Optimization for Econ-CS

Online Learning and Online Convex Optimization (Notes compiled together with Sadie Zhao)

Miscelaneous Notes

Walrassian Equilibria in Indivisible and Divisible Settings: Linear and Convex Programming Duality

Fair Divsion, Wagering and their Equivalence

Parimutuel Betting and Fisher Markets

Auction Theory

Disclaimer: Some of these notes are not entirely finished or have been edited more than others. I am sharing them even if not complete since they definitely could help those entering the field.

Request for feedback: I always appreciate feedback and corrections from readers.