Publications and Notes


Goldstein, S., Goktas, D., Conn, M., Pitchuka, S., Sameer, M., Shah, M., Swett, C., Tu, H., Viswanathan, S., & Xiao. (2020). “BoLT: Building on Local Trust to Solve Lending Market Failure”.

Lovering, C., Lobel, S., Goktas, D., Kwegyir-Aggrey, K., & Webson, A.. (2019). Reproducing “Towards Interpretable Reinforcement Learning Using Attention Augmented Agents”.


Throughout my time doing research I often struggled finding resources that connected recent advances in microeconomics, optimization, mathematics and computer science that were relevant to my field. As a result, to make sense of everything I was reading, I decided to come up with a set of notes for some of the most relevant topics. I hope they can be of help for anyone looking to get introduced to the field!

Introducion to Markets for Computer Scientists

Auction Theory

Fair Divsion, Wagering and their Equivalence

Walrassian Equilibria in Indivisible and Divisible Settings: Linear and Convex Programming Duality

Parimutuel Betting and Fisher Markets

Disclaimer: Some of these notes are not entirely finished or have been edited more than others. I am sharing them even if not complete since they definitely could help those entering the field.

Request for feedback: I always appreciate feedback and corrections from readers.