Hi, I am Deni! I am a computer science Ph.D. candidate at Brown University advised by the iconic Amy Greenwald where I manage the E-GLAMOR (Economics - Games, Learning, Agents, Modeling, Optimization, Research) group. I am currently a research scientist intern at Google DeepMind’s Game Theory and Multiagent Team. I was previously a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley’s Simons institute.

My research lies at the intersection of computer science theory, optimization, and microeconomics. I try to build and analyze decentralized multi-agent learning algorithms in games and markets with the ultimate goal of building decentralized welfare improving technology based on these algorithms. If you are interested to learn more about my research, you can find a recording of a recent talk at AAAI'2022 here. My research is generously supported by a JP Morgan Fellowship.

I hold a BA from Columbia University in Computer Science and Statistics and a BA from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) in Political Science and Economics. I am also a dancer and like to spend my free time in the studio! If you are a BIPOC, LGBTQ+ or FGLI individual and need guidance on PhD programs or anything regarding academia please reach out to me! I am more than happy to help you or direct you towards the right person that will help you out! I am also glad to provide to you my perspective on academia as a queer man or help you with anything regarding the PhD process!

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You can find my CV here!